Dad with Cancer Writes 826 Napkin Notes to Inspire His Daughter Every Day of High School

Garth was diagnosed with cancer and his doctors gave him a very slim chance to live beyond five years. His response? To inspire his daughter well beyond the odds.

Garth was recently diagnosed with cancer for the third time. The doctors say he has an 8% chance of living more than five years. In other words, this disease is likely to take his life sooner than later. In response, he decided to do something inspirational for his daughter that will help her remember him. What’s he doing? Writing 826 inspirational napkin notes–one for every day of high school. Although, we should note, he’s not giving up and hopes to be there the day she graduates.


Garth has been writing notes to his daughter, Emma, since she was in second grade.


Since his diagnosis, Garth has been busy writing notes and he promised to make one for every day Emma is in high school.







We wish Garth all the best in his fight.

Read more about Garth’s napkin notes on his Facebook page.