10 Types of Toxic Church Members

toxic christians

10. The “you can’t talk about that in church” Christian.

These Christians are fearful every word they say will be taken the wrong way. They believe truth should be filtered, just in case some “weaker Christians” don’t fully understand what you are trying to say. In other words, there are certain conversations the church shouldn’t have. Mainly the ones that make people uncomfortable.

Sex. Abortion. Mental Illness. Doubts about God. Justin Beiber.

Jesus, however, wasn’t concerned with being politically correct. In fact, Jesus said on numerous occasions, “You won’t understand this right now,” or some variation of the phrase. Jesus was obviously not concerned with being misunderstood.

Jesus proclaimed truth because [H]e was the Truth. And truth has nothing to hide.


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Only a few toxic Christians can impact a church. Again, my prayer is that you will do some reflection. At some point in my journey, I was every one of these Christians. Some of these I am still fighting today.

As you take steps towards Jesus, the world sees a clearer picture of his glory and character. That’s the goal.

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