107-year-old Woman Celebrated Her Birthday With 107 Roses


How do you celebrate your birthday? Perhaps you go out for a special meal, have a party, or you may even receive a gift or some beautiful flowers from a significant other. Likely, you haven’t gotten a gift like one centenarian woman did. October 28, 2020 marked a special day for Elestine Lawson. Yes, this 107-year-old woman was surprised with 107 roses from a florist in her community in Westerville, Ohio for this momentous birthday.

Check out journalist, Lacey Crisp’s post on Facebook where the journalist points to the things Elestine said helped her live all these years.

Many people commented on the post, celebrating Elestine. One Facebook user, Rox Wold, wrote “107 roses. They are beautiful just like you…”

This 107-year-old woman who was with her family at the time that Battiste LaFleur Galleria, the Columbia-based florist, delivered the gift of 107 roses to match her age.

“They’re beautiful,” Elestine said when she saw all the roses just for her.

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At the time, Elestine didn’t know where who was behind this incredible gesture, but she later learned that some people from the church she attended had sent her the gift. It’s not a surprise that she credits her faith and love as the main reasons for her longevity.

In her own words, she said, “Praise the Lord,” when asked how others could live as long as her.

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