20 Things Only Christian Kids in the 90’s Will Understand

Christian kids

Fads come and go but the Gospel is forever. Lucky for us the internet came out just in time to capture some of those amazing 90’s memories Christian kids have that may no longer be relevant but are still burned into our memories like the hand signals to “Lord I Lift Your Name on High”.

1. If you were lucky, your nights didn’t end with a show on Netflix, they ended with an episode of “Adventures in Odyssey” on tape. If you were REALLY lucky you might of even had the VHS version!


2. Was it just me or was “In the Light” the reason you took guitar lessons from your youth pastor too?



3. Your level of cool and youth group popularity was determined by the design and size of your cross necklace.

cross neckalce

4. You had to have SOME article of parody clothing…


5. You could always tell how long a person had been going to church or how cute they thought the person was sitting behind them by how they used their hands during worship.

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6. The three essentials to Christianity: The Bible, The Jesus Fish, and The Footprints Poster!


7. Radio?!?! Who needs a radio?!?!? Ready Michael W. Smith?


8. What better way to be baptized than to be launched 400 feet in the air by two youth pastors who live off leftover pizza and soda?!?


9. How will you remember how many fingers are pointing back at you when you blame someone when you aren’t rockin’ this piece of Jesus jewelry?!?


10. There’s Christian and then there’s “Wake-up-early-for-prayer-at-the-pole” Christian, a.k.a. ‘Super Chrish’


11. If I had a nickel for every time one of my friends said, “I don’t want a relationship, I’m dating Jesus”…


12. Christian kids are never too old for veggie tales. Trying to get those songs out of your head is like trying to get warm gum out of your hair on a hot summers afternoon.


13. The universal symbol that you’ve had the sex talk with your parents.

purity ring

14. The Christian graphic to rule them all!



15. I was never quiet enough to get selected to be a character in the flannel graph days of VBS…but it sure looked fun


16. Good for the breath, and better for the soul!!!


17. Who’s got the most highlighters?!?! Of Course, John 3:16 is both highlighted and underlined…I’m not crazy


18. The fish…need I say more?


19. No one and I mean NO ONE takes a bite until we pray!!!

20. Last, but most certainly not least…the hand signals.

hand signals


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