22 Hilarious Dads Who Proved Mom Can’t Leave Them Home Alone With the Kids

1.) Need a table? Oh hey, here’s a sleeping baby I could use…

The Only Way My 3 Day-Old Daughter Would Fall Asleep. After Two Hours Of Carrying Her Around I Got Hungry

2.) This view will scar her soul for life…

Such An Unfortunate View

3.) I just pray this was a Halloween costume.

Dad Left Alone With The Baby

4.) That fine line between creative solutions to a child play pen and child abuse…

Problem Solved

5.) Dad’s solution to ponytail: Part 1

When Dad Gets The Kids Ready For School

6.) Dad’s solution to ponytail: Part 2

Ponytail Level: Dad

7.) Could there really be a better use for a bubble bath?

When Dad Is Giving Baby A Bath

8.) Kiwi anyone? The similarity is uncanny…

Two Kiwis

9.) Baby butt mouse pad. No words.

Image result for dads can't be left alone kids

10.) The human swing.

She Wanted A Swing So He Became One

11.) Based on the look on his face, I’m guessing that can isn’t filled with baby food…

Image result for dads can't be left alone kids

12.) Mom only left him alone with her for 10 minutes, and…

I Left My Husband With The Baby For Ten Minutes

13.) #GymGoals

My Son Was Joe Rogan For His First Halloween

14.) The perfect pancake face…

You Can Tell Me I'm A Bad Dad But This One Is Staying In The Baby Album

15.) Because it’s Father’s Day, and dad makes the house rules…

This Is How I've Chosen To Spend My Father's Day

16.) A priceless pin impression.

Are We Bad Parents?

17.) Mom said the kids have to stay in bed, so…

Mom Said The Kids Have To Stay In Bed

18.) Dumpster diving with dad.

Image result for dads can't be left alone kids

19.) Dad’s idea of a straightjacket onesie?

That Is How Dad Solved The Problem

20.) When dad’s left alone to babysit, but he doesn’t want to abandon his beer…

My Attempt At Babysitting

21.) That poor child…

Image result for dads can't be left alone kids

22.) When mom asks dad to put 2-year-old down for a nap, he takes it seriously..

Found My Husband Like This Getting Our One Year Old To Bed

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