3 Words Tattooed on Christina Grimmie’s Arm Reveal Who She Really Was When No One Was Looking

The Christina Grimmie tattoo that spoke volumes about who she was. The tragic loss of Voice star Christina Grimmie has wounded hearts across the nation. From Adam Levine paying for her funeral to Selena Gomez’s emotional tribute to the late singer, she has clearly has touched Hollywood as much as she has her hometown.

But what is most amazing about the wildly talented Grimmie is that she refused to take credit for her successes and newfound fame. The devout Christian and worship leader at the Fellowship Alliance Chapel in Medford, New Jersey, pointed to a much higher power: God.

And just to remind herself who deserved the glory while the spotlight was on her, she got a powerful message tattooed on her arm.

Christina Grimmie tattoo

christina grimmie tattoo

“Christina had a tattoo on her forearm. It said ‘All Is Vanity‘ from the book of Ecclesiastes,” her church elder Bryan Russell told The Daily Beast. “So every time she performed she could see those words. She never wanted to forget who she was working for and who she represented.”

Also, in a 2014 interview, Grimmie spoke to the tattoo when she was asked who has given her the most meaningful career advice.

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“My mom’s advice to me has always been keep God first, and I’m with her on that,” she said. “To never let the ego of doing well or being successful, never letting that get to you, and I’m huge on that. And that’s why I got my tattoo ‘All is vanity,’ so yeah, keep God first.”

Fast forward to the 1:30 mark in the video below to watch Christina’s moving response for yourself:

All that Christina did was intentionally marked by love. Even when she met her murderer at her live show in Orlando, she approached the gunman with arms wide open, ready to hug him, not realizing what his intentions were.

Christina’s brother, Mark, reaffirmed his sister’s dedication to living by love in her memorial service saying, “She loved this town, this state; she loved the Lord and she loved me.”

Here’s a picture of the 500+ that showed up to honor Christina Grimmie. Clearly a beautiful person inside and out, even when the cameras were off…

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 9.47.34 AM

She definitely did love Jesus. Her memorial service had videos of her singing hymns that she’d recorded in the past like “In Christ Alone,” which she calls one of her favorites:

Though we lost a beautiful soul much too soon, this 22-year-old woman marked the world forever with a template of how to live like Christ, as even her name suggests. The name “Christina” literally means “Follower of Christ” & “Annointed Christian.” She certainly was all of that and more.

Rest in peace, Christina. You’re an inspiration to us all, and you’ll be dearly missed.

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