3-Year-Old Hit by a Car Defies All Odds, Mom Says “God speaks to me”

3 year old hit by a car and survives

At age 3, on her last day of school before summer, Shaylie Edwards was off to the park with her dad, when something terrible happened. The 3-year-old was hit by a car, suffering severe brain and physical injuries, and her prognosis wasn’t good. However, Shaylie defied odds in her recovery, and at 6 years old, she’s just finished kindergarten. This catastrophic event changed her mom’s life, too. Erica Edwards, Shaylie’s mom, says God got her through it.

What Happened When the 3-Year-Old Was Hit by a Car?

It was June 6, 2019 in Shaylie’s hometown, Reno, Nevada. Shaylie and her older sister, Emma, who was 7 years old at the time, wanted to go to the park to play, and their dad, Shannon, agreed to take them. The three headed out, and were crossing the street in a crosswalk behind their home when Shaylie, the 3-year-old was hit by a car. According to Erica, Shannon, grabbed Shaylie to get her out of the way when he saw the car, but wasn’t able to get her out of the way in time.

The car hit both Shannon and Shaylie. Although Shaylie had been wearing a helmet because she was going to ride her scooter at the park, she had been thrown so far, that the helmet was broken into pieces. Shaylie flew about 40 feet from the impact after she’d hit the hood of the car.

Meanwhile, Erica had heard a commotion, as the windows were open. Putting down the dishes she was washing, she peaked out the window and saw the accident. She ran to help her family, performing CPR, along with a bystander on her daughter. Soon paramedics came and took Shaylie and her dad to Renown Medical Center, also in Reno, Nevada.

Shaylie’s neck was broken in two places, as was her jaw, and she had a fractured sacrum, broken femur, and brain injury that left her unresponsive. Shannon was in the hospital for more than two weeks; his face had to be fully reconstructed due to seven fractures.

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How the Accident Gave Shaylie’s Mom Faith

Once at the hospital, Erica was allowed to stay with Shaylie because of how calm she was. While Erica called herself spiritual before the incident, she didn’t go to church believe in the Bible, but in the midst of this traumatic event she had a calm that she attributes to God.

She says she heard God’s voice telling her “Stay calm, just stay calm,” and she knew this higher power was grounding her for the moment, as well as the future challenges in Shaylie’s recovery.

She told Fox News, “If it wasn’t for that grounding, I wouldn’t have gotten through the last three years of fighting to get my baby back, because it has been a literal fight every single day.”

Listen to Erica talk about her faith after her 3-year-old was hit by a car:

Shaylie’s Recovery

As Erica shared, the calm she received wasn’t only what drove her to faith. At first the doctor’s goal was only to protect Shaylie’s brain from more injury that could have been caused by bleeding and swelling. Shaylie didn’t open her eyes for two weeks while in the PICU. But when she did and they saw her smile, the doctors were hopeful.

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