3-Year-Old’s Reaction to Santa Bringing Daddy Home Leaves the Internet Ugly Crying


For decades, many a military homecoming surprises have captivated the Internet’s hearts. Fully loaded with smiles, squeals of joy and contagious ugly cries, it’s hard not to get worked up watching loved ones reunite for the first time in ages.

But there’s hardly a reunion that can compete with that of Kensley Penney’s, a 3-year-old who loves her daddy BIG.

When her mom April asked if she wanted a doll stroller for Christmas, Kensley firmly replied “no.”

This blonde-headed cutie had just two things on her Christmas wish list: a truck and daddy. With a heavy emphasis on the latter.

Her dad, Sargeant Scott Penney, had been deployed in Afghanistan for six months at the time, and she missed him terribly.

Though Kensley kissed her American Girl doll with daddy’s picture on it every night and said special prayers for him with mommy, she desperately longed for the real thing.

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Little did she know, Santa was organizing the surprise of a lifetime for this little girl on the top of his “Nice” list.

As she sat on his lap and gave him her bold request to bring daddy home, he motioned behind her saying “Who is that?”

Dumbstruck, Kensley sweetly says, “Daddy.”

But the BEST part is yet to come.

The heart-throbbing moment they embrace has left the Internet crying buckets ‘O’ tears…

It’s so good, even grown men can’t keep it together—no matter HOW many times they hit the replay button.

And as for the handful of dislikers on the viral vid, commenters are convinced the only plausible reason is they must be mad because they hate crying…

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this undeniably sweet reunion for yourself.

And try not to cry. I DARE YOU.

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