313-Pound Mother of 2 Loses Husband to Suicide—What She Did Next Moved Me to Tears!

It’s crazy how life can go from happy or even “normal” to a living hell in a matter of moments. Justine McCabe was forced to endure one of those moments that changed her life forever.

Shortly after losing her mother, her husband took his life.

The disasters sent Justine into a downward spiral of depression, spending three months barely making it through the days. Finally, her family came up with a plan to help her get going, exercise. They were hoping that working out would not only give her a sense of accomplishment in the day but also an opportunity to chase goals and work on her weight.

She came up with the idea to document her journey and took a picture of herself every day for a year; day one she was 313 pounds. After losing her mom and husband she stopped taking care of herself, but her journey was just beginning.

“My husband’s death was a really heavy and horrible time. It was worsened because my mum had died not long before, too. Having a loved one commit suicide and being in the aftermath of that is one of the most fearful, awful things you can go through,” Justine said. “The 365 days of selfies was one of the first things I did; it started during my mourning period—the first one was horrible, I looked so lost and broken.”

After 365 days of documenting her workouts with pictures, Justine was down 124 pounds!!! The mother of two used to go to unhealthy foods to help cope with her fears, now she not only eats healthy but has decided to conquer her fear of heights by skydiving and cliff jumping!

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“I knew if I could survive living without my husband and mum, then I should push my boundaries and limits to face all fears I had, to live a life they would be proud of.”

No valley is too low that can’t be scaled with the right mindset!

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