4 Blush-Worthy Things the Bible Says About Sex

what does the bible say about sex?

Yes, there was sex in the Bible.

Nothing reduces a collegiate art classroom into nervous giggles quite like the sculpture of David by Michelangelo. As an art teacher for 13 years, I have seen reactions to David that have varied from amazement — “Wow! What an amazing work of art!” — to embarrassment and even outright anger — “How dare you show this in class?! He is… well, he is… you know…. Naked!”

Culture sends us many messages about the human body, nudity and sex. Unfortunately, these messages can taint our views of sexuality, causing us to feel shame about our bodies and the act of sex. For many, the word “sex” is synonymous with the words “dirty”, “shame,” and “guilt.”

Shame is not from Jesus. God created our bodies, including our sexuality, for good.  Our bodies reflect God’s image, and God created sexuality as a fundamental part of life.

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What does the Bible say about Sex? Here are 4 things:

1. Sex is one of the first acts God blesses. (Genesis 1:28)

God blessed the physical relationship between Adam and Eve. Sex was God’s idea, and He created us for it.

2. The unclothed human body is a divine creation. (Psalm 139:14-15)

Our bodies are beautiful beyond comprehension. There is no shame or guilt in God’s creation when we enter into a Christ-centered sexual relationship with another person.

3. We were created to have sexual desire. (Proverbs 5:18-19)

Our sexual desires are no surprise to God. He made us, and He gave us strong sexual desire to enjoy within in the proper context.

In Song of Solomon 4:7, the elaborate build-up between a husband and wife shows the powerful drive we have to be intimate and vulnerable, and how the covenant of marriage provides the best context to release those emotions.

4. God designed physical love to be a normal part of His creation. (Genesis 1:26)

God’s intention is to form an inseparable union of one flesh through sex.

What feelings or words do you associate with nudity or sex? Where did these associations come from? Perhaps it was something you did, or something that was done to you.

When Jesus gave us a new life, it included our sex lives. If we’ll allow Him to redefine our view of sex around God’s design for sex, we, too, can experience what Adam and Eve shared in the garden of Eden — the freedom of being naked and unashamed.

By Jan Walker

*Article courtesy of NewSpring Church, copyright © 2014 NewSpring Church.

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