WATCH: 4-Year-Old Brother Saves His 2-Year-Old Sister From Drowning

Future Precautions Against Drowning

This terrifying incident led Laura to enroll her 2-year-old daughter in swim classes immediately so that she could save herself if she ever fell in again.

Sound unbelievable that a 2-year-old can save herself from drowning? She found a six week course that teaches young children how to save themselves from drowning if they ever fall in water.

Laura explained of Swim’n’Float, the program Andie participated in, “It’s a six-week course. You go Monday through Thursday everyday for six weeks, 10 minutes. And by the end of that, they can save themselves.”

With this type of program, they have the children wear their normal clothes and even their diapers and shoes, because if they fall in a pool that is likely what they’ll be wearing.

In Andie’s case, on her test day after three weeks, she was able to jump in a pool, swim to the side of the pool, and hold on.

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Laura’s hope is that other parents hear her story and learn from it. She said, “If people hear this story and they live close to the water, the lake or a pool or whatever, consider signing up for [a] class [like Swim’n’Float] because no matter what precautions you take, it can still happen.”

According to her, around the time of the scary incident, she had been thinking about Olympic swimmer, Bode Miller and the terrible tragedy he and his family experienced when they lost their young daughter to drowning in a similar incident.

The mother of the 4-year-old brother who saved his sister from drowning said, “I hope that maybe [our story] could save somebody else’s life.”

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