5-year-old Boy Rushes to Neighbor’s for Help: “My Mom is Dead in the Shower”


We have a new hero in the house—a 5-year-old boy in San Tan Valley, Arizona. The boy ran to his neighbor’s home for help after he heard his mom fall in the shower due to a seizure, and he found her unresponsive. Concerned about leaving his infant sister alone, he picked her up and brought her with him.

The 5-Year-Old Boy Who Saved His Mom After She Had a Seizure

Salvatore Cicalese’s mom had just put him and his two-month-old sister to bed, when the 5-year-old boy heard a loud noise in the bathroom. Salvatore’s mom, Katelyn Cicalese, had just hopped in the shower when she began to have a seizure and she blacked out. This caused Katelyn to fall inside the tub and hit her head on the side of the tub. The San Tan Valley News reported that the 5-year-old boy found his mom slumped under the bathtub faucet, with blood surrounding the head wound, and the water was running over her.

Salvatore was scared that his mother was dying; so he knew he needed to get help. But he also worried that his infant sister would not be safe if left alone. The 5-year-old boy pulled a chair from the kitchen into the garage. He stood on it to open the home’s garage door. Then he went to his sleeping infant sister, wrapped her in a blanket, and carefully picked her up. Salvatore then rushed to his neighbor, Jessica Penyoer’s home and asked her for help.

Watch the family tell the story from their point of view here:

According to the mother who had the seizure, she fears she would have died because she could have drowned with the water still running over her.

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Thankfully, the neighbor opened her door and heard out the 5-year-old boy.

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