2 Men Sit Down to Lunch—Then This 5-Yr-Old Girl Does Something “No One Has Ever Done” Before

If your average picture’s worth a thousand words, this one has gotta be worth a million.

Five-year-old Chloe was at a Texas restaurant with her dad when she had an itch to come up to two police officers and ask them to pray with her before their meal. One might think a little girl would be intimidated by two grown men in uniform, but not this bold little prayer warrior.

Chloe marched right up to the Cedar Hill Marshals and asked if she could lead them in prayer as she grabbed each of their hands.

“The officers said she proceeded to deliver a beautiful prayer, while holding each of their hands, and that no one has ever done that before,” according to a report by Fox News.

Since the photo was posted on the Cedar Hill Police Department Facebook page, the captivating image has been shared thousands of times.

The police department shared this caption along with the picture:

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*** A Little Girl’s Prayer ***

Today, while eating lunch, 5-year-old, Chloe, approached Cedar Hill Marshal’s Herron and Wallace and asked them if she could pray with them.

Marshals Herron and Wallace admit they’ve never had anyone pray with them and that her prayer was so beautiful.

Her dad captured this photo of her praying with the officers and sent it to us. Our thanks to him for sharing this act of compassion with us.

Chloe has warmed the hearts of many with her inspiring act, as can be seen by the emotional comments flooding in:

An “ambassador” she is. Sometimes it takes a mere child to show us adults how it’s done. Chloe’s unashamed hunger for God is such a beautiful reminder of Matthew 18:3:

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

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