WATCH: 6-Year-Old Saves Herself From a Kidnapping— See the Video Footage Caught by Doorbell Camera

Of all the footage caught by doorbell cameras, this one is both scary and encouraging. Last month, a young girl was taking out her trash when an attempted kidnapping occurred. However, the 6-year-old saved herself from this man who would later be caught and arrested, and the whole scene was caught on camera.

How the 6-year-old saved herself from a kidnapping

Ricky and Mandie Nash of Ohio had taught their four daughters what to do if someone ever tried to kidnap them, but they didn’t necessarily think it would ever happen, especially right in front of the family’s home.

But thankfully they had taught their daughter, Ken’Adi Nash, because she used those skills and that’s how the 6-year-old saved herself from a man who tried to grab her and pull her down the street.

Video footage from the Nash’s doorbell camera shows Ken’Adi in front of her home taking out the trash, when a white male, now known as 33-year-old Deric McPherson, walked up to Ken’Adi, touched her, and then grabbed her hand and continued walking along the sidewalk.

Moments later, audio from the doorbell camera shows she screamed loudly, and the video footage shows her kicking and pulling away.

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This caused McPherson to give up quickly, let go of Ken’Adi and continue on, away from the home. Thankfully, the 6-year-old saved herself by using the skills her parents had taught her.

Watch the footage here:


When Ken’Adi was asked what happened from her perspective, she shared, “”This guy walks by and he touched me. He pulled me.”

Reflecting on how the 6-year-old saved herself from the kidnapping, Ken’Adi said, “He just let go of me because I screamed.”

The video shows that Ken’Adi ran into her home right after he let go and told her parents.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, what Ricky and Mandie had taught their daughter was exactly why the 6-year-old saved herself from this kidnapping.

Representative from NCMEC, Callahan Walsh, discussed this in more detail. “She did everything right in this case. She was kicking, screaming, pulling away,” Walsh told GMA. “It’s exactly what we teach kids what to do when a would-be abductor tries to grab them. In fact, there’s a lot to learn from these attempted abductions.”

Apparently, this information is based on data that the NCMEC has collected. “We’ve been analyzing attempted abductions for over a decade at the National Center for Missing Exploited Children,” Walsh explained. “We know that over 83% of the time, when a child is able to get away from their would-be abductor, it’s something that they did proactively, like kicking, screaming or pulling away, exactly what she did in this case. She’s the reason why she’s home safe tonight.”

Ken’Adi’s parents agree that Ken’Adi’s tools for avoiding an abduction worked.

Mandie told GMA, “I’m so proud of her. So proud of her because as soon as she screamed, he let go. So obviously, you know, it does work.”

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