6th-Grade Girl Gets Her Crush’s Phone Number and Texts Him One Word—8 Yrs Later, Her Love Story Is One for the Record Books

On the first day of 6th grade, Cheyenne Huller never expected she’d meet her soul mate. Like most girls her age, she’d met up with her friends at lunch and the three girls dove into excited conversation about cute boys and middle school happenings.

“The funny thing is we all pointed out the same person,” Cheyenne writes, “the animated boy wearing a Carriel baseball jersey in the next tier of tables in the cafeteria. One of my friends said, ‘He’s in my social studies class! His name is like Brandon or Brendan, but he goes by something weird…I think he said Boomer.’”

And so began Cheyenne’s fairytale romance.

Like middle schoolers do, a friend of a friend told Boomer that Cheyenne liked him, and that same friend of a friend also gave her Boomer’s phone number.

On her way to class that afternoon, excited to connect with a boy she liked—but had not yet talked to—Cheyenne accidentally hit someone’s butt in the hallway with the back of her hand.

As if it wasn’t already embarrassing enough, the butt she’d hit was Boomer’s!

One thing led to another, and a couple weeks later the two were inseparable. Texting non-stop, and connecting over the phone as most 6th grade “relationships” do these days, Cheyenne now recalls how beautifully their friendship and love blossomed:

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“Things started off as a typical 6th grade ‘relationship’ – we mostly texted, barely talked, and never got to hang out. However, over the years, things changed and he quickly became my best friend. It turned into knowing each other’s likes and dislikes better than we know our own, winning cutest couple in 8th grade, driving hours to see me compete for 3 minutes, being able to order for one another, helping each other studying, spending weekends at the hockey rink, working at Outback, visiting and applying to colleges, going on family vacations, talking to recruiters, and being voted Homecoming King & Queen.”

It sounds like the total high school romance—the kind that A Walk to Remember and A Cinderella Story are made of.

But their love story hasn’t come without hardship and sacrifices.

“Regardless of the endless amount of doubts from many peers and adults, we made it through all of junior high, high school, and my first year of college together.”

Cheyenne admits that the couple has endured their fair share of hard times, but eight years later, they’ve managed to stay strong.

This past year was by far the hardest.

As Cheyenne kicked off her sophomore year of college, Boomer swore into the military. He joined the Marine Corps and worked hard through 13 weeks of bootcamp to graduate and start his career in the military.

Through it all, the couple has soldiered through the distance and the doubts.

At the beginning of July, Boomer surprised Cheyenne with a visit home.

His first matter of business was to have a conversation with his leading lady’s parents. Then three days later, he totally shocked her with a proposal!

On the first day of 6th grade, I remember sitting down at lunch with my two best friends and talking about any cute boys…

Posted by Cheyenne Huller on Saturday, July 8, 2017

“I could not have been happier to say yes! Here’s to many (more) years of happiness with my high school sweetheart!!!”

Cheers to this 6th grade relationship that has stood the test of time! May your marriage be full of love, and your life together be nothing short of extraordinary.

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