7-Year-Old Facebook Detective Reunites This Man with Someone He Hasn’t Seen in 65 Years

Clifford and Betty were separated as toddlers in foster care. For 65 years, the two had been searching for one another, with no clue that the other sibling had been doing the same thing. Clifford nearly lost hope, but then his 7-year-old neighbor Eddie went on to his mom’s Facebook page and started looking for his long lost sister.

And after a little bit of social media detective work, Eddie found Betty! When asked why he did it, Eddie said, “Because Clifford didn’t have any family at all so I wanted to help Clifford find his family, and sometimes Clifford gets lonely…He won’t be lonely anymore. I think family’s really important, and so does Clifford too.”

After decades apart, the two will certainly be lonely no more. Watch Clifford and Betty’s beautiful reunion here:

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