A Boy Dumped Superglue on Her Hair—Now Her Fresh New Look is Sending the Best Message to Bullies!

Bullying is a problem around the world, and unfortunately it seems that those least equipped to handle the abuse are the ones who become targeted.

Bullies usually go after the “weak” on purpose in order to uplift their own low self-esteem. However, when this bully went after Hannah Combs, he didn’t know he was targeting a warrior in disguise—because now she’s fighting back in the best way ever.

In many cases, bullying triggers victims to self harm or commit suicide, but there’s nothing like flipping the abuse around for good like the inspiring Ms. Hannah.

She had just barely started her freshman year of school at Harker Heights High School when a boy walked up behind her and dumped superglue on her hair. Though Hannah had been the brunt of bullying before, this was the worst she’d ever experienced.

After the horrific act, the superglue culprit only received one in-school suspension.

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Hannah’s Dad, Christain Grimmer, was on fire over how lightly the school took the situation. His daughter was only examined by a school nurse, and her first-degree chemical burns weren’t even discovered until he took her to urgent care—though she told them the burning started upon contact with the glue.

Hannah vividly described the pain as “sunburn times 10.”

You can clearly see the skin/hair damage was pretty significant…

The 15-yr-old and her mom, Jessica, had to make the tough decision to cut the hair off—which just so happened to be Hannah’s favorite part of herself.

It was a godsend when a local stylist named Nikki heard about what happened to Hannah and told her she would give her a fresh new style for free.

Her whole family was still pretty shaken up until Jessica created a page on Facebook called “Justice For Hannah.” (no longer a page) To their surprise, support began to flow in from everywhere. That’s when Hannah knew what she had to do. “There are people who couldn’t stand up for themselves but they talk to me about it. It makes me want to help. It’s amazing how many people are supporting me,” she says. This post on her page beautifully sums up the fresh new perspective that came along with the fresh new look:

Posted by Justice For Hannah on Saturday, October 3, 2015

Instead of sulking in bitterness, Hannah is rocking her edgy new look and has made it her mission to use this new platform to impact the lives of others who have been in her shoes. According to Hannah, she’s “just a normal kid with strong beliefs,” and she wants to use that as fuel to stand up for others who can’t stand up for themselves because “No one deserves to be bullied—it’s not fair for anyone,” she says.

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