When a Carjacker Steals a Minivan with His Kid in the Backseat—This Dad Does Something Superhuman

All dads are heroes, but Malcolm Milliones is taking the gold.

The Georgia father made headlines last week when his heroic actions were filmed by a gas station security camera. The grainy footage shows Milliones jumping on top of a moving SUV after a carjacker attempted to steal his fiance’s car- with his 8-year-old son, Rashaan, in the back seat.

Milliones says he was getting ready to pump gas when a teenager jumped into the driver’s seat and sped away.

Milliones grabbed onto the driver’s side door and held on for a quarter of a mile before falling and breaking his arm. The fall distracted the driver, allowing Rashaan to jump out, unharmed.

“The thought never crossed my mind to just let him go,” Milliones said.

Rashaan is proud of his father. “I would say it’s cool and brave for my dad to jump on a car and get his arm broken for me,” he said.

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Cool and brave is absolutely right! Let’s hear it for this courageous dad!

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