He Wasn’t Able to Talk for 3 Years After a Tree Fell on Him—But Then His Mom Handed Him a TV Remote…

Tripp Halstead was only two-years-old when a tree limb fell on his head at daycare.

It crushed his skull and caused severe brain damage. His mom, Stacy, says her son wasn’t even supposed to survive, but Tripp has continued to defy the odds.

Three years after the accident, his recovery has been phenomenal, and his mom just captured his most recent milestone on camera.

She turned off the TV, placed the remote in front of him, and asked him to say “on” if he wanted the TV back on.

She got Tripp to say the word, not once but TWICE though she accidentally edited the second one out.

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Along with the video, the ecstatic mom posted,

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh you know yesterday we thought Tripp said “out” while he was crying in the stander. Well today he is a happy camper and I swear he said “on” for the TV…

I literally cried and kissed his face off the first time he did it.

So happy!!!!!!”

He had been making noises before, but this is the first time in three years that he’s spoken a word! She shared the amazing news with the nearly 1.2 million Facebook fans that have been following Tripp’s journey to recovery.

The hopes are high for the spunky 5-year-old who is taking leaps and bounds and getting better by the day.

He’s been using a hyperbaric chamber which has helped to promote healing and growth, and he’s now speaking AGAIN since the treatments have started to take affect.

For the boy who was never supposed to live, much less speak, we are beyond excited to hear what Tripp’s next words will be!

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