After Luke Bryan Heard What She Did for Her Mom, He Showed Up at Her Doorstep for the Best. Surprise. Ever.

This family has been through the cave, but Luke Bryan just made their day in the best way by showing up at their doorstep!

When Diane Taylor found out her kidneys were failing, she was in dire need of a miracle.

That miracle came in the form of her oldest daughter Lisa, who donated one of her own kidneys to save her mother.

“If I didn’t do something, I was going to die. If Lisa wasn’t here and able to step up, I wouldn’t be here talking to you today,” said Diane.

Lisa shared her story with “Knock Knock Live,” and the show reached out to her saying they wanted to air a piece on her and her mom. But the show got cancelled, and the story never went live.

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However, the producers of the show had something else up their sleeves in store for Lisa. They were disappointed that they weren’t able to follow through, so they decided to get in touch with her all-time favorite musician, Luke Bryan.

Bryan was touched by the story of his biggest fan and ecstatic for the opportunity to spend the day with her. In his eyes, it’s the least he could do for this selfless, country-lovin’ woman.

Luke recently posted the full story to his own Facebook page and it shows his entire fun-filled day with Lisa, her sister, and mom Diane:

As Lisa opened the door to see who was on her front porch, She. LOST. It…to say the least.

girl door

He MADE her day…and let’s face it–probably her year. Turns out this country heartthrob has a pretty big heart himself.

Luke just soared to the top of the Country Hits 100 on our charts. ♥


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