‘There Was Never More of a Rebel Than Jesus Christ’: Alice Cooper on Being a Christian Saved from Addiction

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Most well-known as “The Godfather of Shock Rock,” singer and songwriter Alice Cooper made a name for himself with his trademark raspy voice and a stage show featuring electric chairs, fake blood, guillotines, deadly snakes and more. It’s a surprise to most that he’s now a Christian — rockin’ for Jesus.

His dark lyrics and gruesome image coupled with a bad-boy reputation would probably lend one to believe he’s the last person who’d become a Christian… But God.

Jesus got ahold of Alice Cooper, and his life has never been the same.

In an interview with pastor Greg Laurie, Cooper shared that though he may be a rock star, he’s also a Christian man who wants to help others, particularly youth, in the name of Jesus.

The singer started the Solid Rock teen center in 1995 to help troubled teens after seeing two teens exchange drugs in front of him.

“I watched a couple of 16-year-old kids do a drug deal on the corner and I went, ‘How does that kid not know he might be a great guitar player? Or that other kid might be a drummer?'” Cooper asked himself. “And it just struck me right then: Why don’t we open that, give them that alternative to go there?”

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So that’s exactly what he did.

“We’re all Christian guys,” Cooper said of the co-founders of Solid Rock. “And Lord told us to do it. So we just obeyed. That’s all.”

The painful reality of drug addiction hits close to home for the Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famer who was delivered from the grips of cocaine and alcohol addiction through the power of Christ.

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