Man Finds Angry Driver Who Flipped Him Off in Starbucks to Teach Him a Lesson


A Facebook post written by Peter Karanfilis is teaching us all a much-needed lesson in payback after he shared the encounter he had with a disgruntled driver.

His post reads:

Why am I posting a selfie with a coffee cup and a peace sign? Well, I’d like to share something with you. This morning I was driving my car, when a gentleman cut me off and gave me the finger! This surprised me because I was unaware WHY he did this. My thoughts are because he didn’t use his turn signal, so it was unexpected….he also shouted “A**hole” to me. Lol

Anyways, I saw he pulled into the Starbucks. Well, I thought, here’s my chance to tell him what I think of his poor manners and disrespect. I went in to find him, and I couldn’t. So I went to buy myself a coffee, he then comes in line, from the bathroom. I turned around to tell him that it’s his lucky day! “What could I buy you? My treat!”

He looked at me almost stunned.

“Really?” He said.

After buying him the drink, I told him that I was the guy he “flipped off” earlier.

“Man, I’m so sorry.” He said. “I’m just super stressed.”

I told him that it’s all good!

We talked for a bit and later we found out that his turn signal is actually burnt out! Lol

So, why am I sharing this?

Because we tend to celebrate people getting revenge, or “getting what they deserve.”

My question is, when does it end? When does the fighting and anger stop? It’s only when PEACE makes its way in and overcomes.

Remember, everyone may be going through something that you know nothing about.

That is all.

It’s one thing to perform an act of kindness for a total stranger, but it’s even more unheard of for a stranger to go above and beyond for someone who just flipped him the bird.

Peter’s compassionate reaction represents the Jesus kind of grace that doesn’t make sense to the culture we live in. Thanks for showing us all what it really means to act out of love for our neighbor, even when we’re wronged—especially when we’re wronged.

After all, the sweetest kind of revenge is watching somebody else’s bitterness disappear because you just killed it with some steamy caffè mocha kindness. Now that’s the true taste of victory over your enemies.

Kelsey Straeter
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