Animal Control Took This Veteran’s Dogs After His Heart Attack—When He Goes to Get Them Back…

According to a post shared by Facebook user Scott Johnson on Christmas, this veteran received the surprise of a lifetime after he recovered from a heart attack and went to get his dogs back from Animal Control. The post reads:

“This vet had a heart attack back in September and Animal Control took his dogs since he couldn’t take care of them. Since the man took so long to get better, the shelter sterilized the dogs and put them up for adoption. Now 3 months later, he’s finally back on his feet. He visited them and put down a deposit (since he didn’t have enough money for the full adoption fee). After seeing their reunion a bunch of volunteers got together and donated enough money to pay the full adoption fee and some extra, as well as dog food, treats, etc. This video is him finding out he gets to get his dogs back.”

Watch his beautiful emotional reaction as he finds out that his dogs have already been paid for in full.