Photographer Tells Family “We’re Missing Somebody”—Then Mom Sees Who’s Creeping Up Behind Her


Between gathering the little ones, coordinating outfits, and getting the kids to smile all at the same time, it can be quite the chore to get a good family photo taken. But since they’re totally worth the memories, most of us still go through with the not-so-simple task.

Such was the case for the Johns family, who gathered together at Falls Park bridge in Greenville, South Carolina to take a picture together.

Little did they know, Jared Johns, an Army soldier who was home on leave from Germany, had coordinated a little surprise for his mama, and he cleverly incorporated it into the photo session.

Before snapping any pictures, the photographer strangely says, “Hold on, we’re missing somebody.”

As everyone looks around in confusion, Jared makes his move — and mama’s reaction is PRICELESS!

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Watch this emotionally-charged surprise unfold in the video below:


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