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Chuck Norris: A Tale of Enduring Love from High School Sweetheart to Lifelong Partner

Chuck Norris, a name synonymous with martial arts excellence...

Couple Loses 600 Pounds Combined Before Wedding—& Their Transformation Is Stunning!

After now shedding a staggering 578 pounds combined, the healthy, happy, new and improved couple says they plan to continue supporting each other through life, and even begin to counsel others on their own weight loss transformation.

“They Don’t Really Stand a Chance” – A Look Inside New York City’s Trafficking Industry

A recent three-part series published by the New York Post, gives a glimpse inside the hidden sex slave industry that’s living, breathing, and operating RIGHT under our noses. Here. In America. Sex trafficking in New York City and beyond.


5 Things God Never Said but Christians Keep Repeating

Here are five things often attributed to God, but He never said them—and you won't find them anywhere in the Bible.