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Toddler is Sick With Mystery Illness for 3 Months When Doctors Finally Discover What’s Lodged in Her Nose

A mom from the UK is sharing her story after her toddler suffered for three months with a mystery illness caused by an object unknowingly lodged in her nose.

Candace Cameron Bure’s Dreamy Family Vacation in Italy: ‘Take Me Back’

Candace Cameron Bure, loved for her roles on "Full House" and "Fuller House," recently took to Instagram to reminisce about her family's dream summer vacation in Italy.

Chip and Joanna Gaines: 11 Godly Secrets to an Epic Marriage and Family

Chip and Joanna Gaines are teaching us important lessons about marriage and family as they walk away from their HGTV show for the sake of their family.


If We’re Meant for Each Other, God Will Make It Happen

I wish I knew how many more years… I wish I knew how many more tears… But I know none of these things except this truth – that “He who promised is faithful” (Hebrews 10:23).

“Here’s to the Girl Dads, Who Pause Wrestling Matches to Conduct Tea Parties”: Mom Praises Dads Who Make Their Little Girls Feel Like Princesses

"Thanks for babysitting baby dolls, and letting tiny hands put polish on your big toes. Here’s to the dads who watch princess movies, and slow dance in the kitchen."

As a Fat Kid, My Deepest Wounds Came From Words My Mother Said

If you only read and heed one parenting tip, let it be mine.

To Daughters Everywhere, From a Motherless Mom

It wasn't until I lost my mom that I learned to truly appreciate the simple times we had together. I pray you don't make the same mistake with your mothers—or daughters. It's hard being a motherless mom.

“How Does One Survive Losing Their Husband & Sister a Day Apart?”: Mom Reveals How God Carried Her Through Grief

“I screamed ‘MY SISTER DIED!’ and I chucked a cup of water across the room. A wave of relief washed over me as I thought now that my sister is gone, there was no way God would take my husband too.”

“Sometimes I Just Need a Day. Not 10 Minutes for Coffee, Or 5 Minutes Before My Kids Wake Up”: Mom Says Don’t Feel Guilty...

"Friends, this is a painful truth, a call for help, a wide-eyed end-of-my-rope shouting from my darkest and most cob-webby places that I can't do it anymore."

Sister, It’s Time We Stop Trying to Make Our Kids ‘Happy’

My daily prayer is simple: “Lord, let me show them happy, the hard way.”

‘You Hold on Tight. Somehow 20 Years Isn’t Enough. When It’s Time for Them to Go, It All Hits You Like a Ton of...

It’s not really even something you can wrap your mind around. You go into it thinking that 18-20 years sounds like a long time. Then suddenly hours turn into days, days into months, and months into years.