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The Simple Marriage Prayer That Will Put Your Focus On God

"When we pray these words, we are acknowledging that He is in control of us, and we are not in control of each other. It is offering our own will in exchange for God’s will."

Dear ‘Good Parents’: This Is How You Miss the Signs of Sexual Abuse in Your Child

How do good parents miss child sexual abuse? It is simple.

Twins Found Floating Face Down in Backyard Pool. 6-Yr-Old Who Can’t Swim Dives in After Them in Bold Rescue.

“They were completely gone, there was no life left in them. They were blue. They were limp. There was no heartbeat. There was nothing."


FaithIt staff contributed to this article.

The Best Places to Travel for a Family Vacation in 2024

Choosing the perfect family vacation destination involves finding a place that offers a mix of fun, adventure, and relaxation for everyone.

Assassination Attempt at Trump Rally Leaves One Dead: Everything We Know About the Slain Victim Corey Comperatore

Corey Comperatore, a dedicated firefighter, was shot and killed while attending the event, as he jumped into action to protect his family.

Tasha Layton: From Katy Perry’s Backup Singer to Christian Music Ministry

Tasha Layton's journey in the music industry is a testament to faith, purpose, and divine timing. Once a backup singer for pop icon Katy Perry, Layton has transitioned to a career dedicated to Christian ministry and music.

A Christian’s Guide to Surviving an Election Year

As 2024 continues to unfold, how we as believers engage during an election year is crucial to the future of our country and future generations. The political landscape can often be divisive and tumultuous, Here are some compelling ways we can pray and act thoughtfully during an election year.

Matthew McConaughey Celebrates Son Levi’s 16th Birthday with Heartwarming Instagram Post

Matthew McConaughey recently took to Instagram to celebrate a significant milestone in his son Levi's life—his 16th birthday.

Former Yale Swimmer Ali Truwit Makes US Paralympic Team Just One Year After Shark Attack

Last summer, just two days after receiving her diploma from Yale University, Ali Truwit was the victim of a vicious shark attack that claimed her leg. Just one year later, she's headed to the Paralympic Games in Paris.

What is “Quiet Vacationing” and Why Are Americans Not Using Their PTO?

The concept of "Quiet Vacationing" is gaining traction, reflecting a broader trend of employees choosing to forgo traditional vacations in favor of subtler, less disruptive breaks that require the use of paid time off (PTO).

Who is the Hawk Tuah Girl and How Did She Become a Viral Sensation?

Known today as the Hawk Tuah Girl, Hailey Welch's rise to internet fame is a fascinating tale of spontaneity, humor, and the unpredictable power of social media.