Take 2 Minutes and Experience Autism Through Carly’s Eyes—It’s Breathtaking

someone with autism

When Carly was just two-years-old, she was diagnosed with severe autism. Her condition stopped her from speaking and doctors said she would likely never intellectually develop beyond the mind of a child. This is what someone with autism goes through.

However, she made progress with her therapists, and after years of effort in behavioral and communication therapy, she had a huge breakthrough. One day during therapy she reached out for a laptop and typed, “HELP TEETH HURT,” and it blew everyone away.

This event started Carly’s new journey of hope and helped crush stereotypes about people who suffer from severe autism.

Experience autism through Carly’s eyes and what someone with autism goes through in this amazing first-person video.

You can read more of her story in her book, Carly’s Voice.

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