Baby’s First Time Hearing Brings Mama to Tears—& It’s the Most Beautiful Thing You’ll See All Day


We often take our five senses for granted. But when you’re someone coping with the loss of one of those senses, daily life can look entirely different.

Imagine not being able to see the sunrise, smell the savory scent of a freshly bloomed rose, or hear the sound of your sweet mama’s voice… such was the case for baby Ayla who had never heard before in her life — until now.

Watching baby Ayla’s smiley response as she hears for the first time is almost as endearing as the tears of joy shed by her proud mama.

Watch the precious moment unfold in the video below:

Baby’s first time hearing brought mom to tears

Baby Ayla and her mom have two very different reactions to her hearing for the first time.

Posted by Humankind on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kelsey Straeter
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