This Ball Girl Running in Slo-Mo Is Everyone With a Bug in Their Hand This Summer

Tennis is known as a very reserved sport. You won’t find shirtless fans screaming their heads off for their favorite tennis player with their chest painted, and fights rarely, if ever, break out in the stands.

Tennis is an English sport at heart and watching a match has all the spoken (and unspoken) rules of a fine dinner at a five-star restaurant. There are just some things you don’t do. It’s all very proper.

That’s why this little exchange on the court, between a ball girl and a bug, is so stinking adorable.

Here’s what went down.

German player Cedrik-Marcel Stebe eyed a cockroach running across the court at the Australian Open and signaled for the ball girl to come and take care of it.

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Allison, the ball girl, obliged and ran onto the court to retrieve the bug instead of a ball.

And on her way back (facing away from the crowds and the players) the camera caught an epic slo-mo that everyone who’s ever tried to carry a bug knows all too well.

The cockroach was definitely a big one—and slipped out of her hand before she got off the court.

When it was over, Allison looked up to see her slo-mo reaction and laughed, but then quickly regained her composure, because, after all, this is tennis.

Watch the whole event in this short YouTube clip.