Beauty Queen Kirsten Haglund Had a Dark History With Food, but God Used These Words to Change Her Future

Kirsten Haglund grew up seeking perfection and approval.

As a young girl dedicated to ballet, she soon developed an eating disorder, and it wasn’t long before anorexia took control of her life.

At one point, her disease got so out of control her mother forced her to see a doctor. The doctor confirmed her eating disorder, but Haglund still wasn’t ready for help.


What shifted her perspective? She was on the treadmill one day, and her body just gave out. She lost control. It was a scary moment. When she gathered herself, she experienced something deep in her soul—the desire to live again. She wanted to be a real person and experience love, pleasure, food, relationships and feel like she had a purpose. It was that moment she realized she wanted to change.

That drove Haglund to pick up a Bible and open to Psalms.

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“I found these words of David and they were just so beautiful, so rich and so real. Just like jumped off the page. I would read the Psalms and just cry because they were so good,” Haglund said. “They were so dramatic and David was like, my tears have been my food day and night—kind of like what you feel like in your heart when you’re in the depths of your eating disorder. It was real.”

That’s when Haglund realized she wasn’t alone. “Jesus was reaching down his hand to the pit and saying, ‘I’ve got you, I’m here with you, I love you, I love you so much that I died for you.'”