NFL Star Puts Football Under Jersey After Touchdown—When Fans See How Many Fingers He’s Holding Up, They’re Stunned!

Ben Watson

“Ben Watson may have just made the greatest pregnancy announcement in history,” tweeted NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” this weekend.

The New Orleans Saints tight end had quite an impressive game against the Los Angeles Rams. But snagging 3 receptions for 62 yards as well as a touchdown weren’t even close to the highlight of this proud papa’s night.

In an epic end zone celebration, Watson tucked the football under his shirt and held up 7 fingers to announce some exciting news: he’s expecting TWINS with his wife Kirsten!

Fans quickly speculated whether this meant the couple was expecting in 7 months or expecting to add 2 to their crew of 5 children.

Watson happily cleared it up in an interview with The New Orleans Advocate:

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“I always put the five up for my kids. So we’re adding two more. As I did it, I saw my wife [Kirsten Watson] in the stands and I kinda pointed at her and waved. She was OK with my announcing. Now everybody knows we’re about to be the Watson Seven.”

The football fetus is a trademark celebration the football star has used before in 2008 — one, in fact, that got him a $10,000 fine from the NFL back when the league banned touchdown celebrations.

After revealing that Kirsten is 13 weeks pregnant, Watson explained that this announcement comes after a very heartbreaking season of loss in their family.

“We have had a few miscarriages over the past years, so it’s been really tough,” he said. “We tried one more time… We wanted to share that. We want people to pray for us. We want to be open about it and we are excited. You never know when you’re going to score again.”

The Christian NFL star has regularly used his platform to express his advocacy for pro-life over the years. In fact, just earlier this year, he and Kirsten donated a top-of-the-line 3D/4D ultrasound machine to a pregnancy clinic so that women may see the value of the life they’re carrying.

“Seeing life inside the womb not only affirms its beauty and dignity but encourages the mother and father that their child is worth fighting for,” Watson wrote on Instagram regarding the donation.

After the Saints’ victory that night, Watson tweeted the following message of gratitude to fans:

“Thanks for all the congratulatory messages. We are excited about the new additions! Please keep us in your prayers.”

Join us in praying that the Watsons may joyfully welcome two new happy, healthy babies into their home!

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