Bon Jovi Is About to Grant This Sobbing Mama’s Dying Wish—& It’s FREAKEN Beautiful!

Carol Cesario has faced a painful journey in recent years as she fights stage-4 lung cancer. But a surprise visit from her favorite rock legend of all time has just pierced a beaming ray of sunshine in her dark battle.

The New Jersey mom’s one dying wish was to meet Bon Jovi.

Carol knew it seemed far-fetched, but it was a lifelong dream that she just couldn’t shake. Her daughter Rose tried to help her mama’s dream come true by posting her plea all over the Internet.

Rose posted the picture above along with this heartfelt message:

“This is my mom Carol Cesario—the most loving and caring person you will ever meet. She is known as mom to a lot of people because she has taken care of so many kids. She has Stage-4 Lung Cancer, and her dream is to meet Jon Bon Jovi.

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Since the ’80s she has loved him. At one point when I was really young I thought he was my dad LOL. I remember dancing around our home to Bon Jovi with her when I was little and rocking out in the car with her on our way to the beach in Seaside NJ. When my dad told her he was in a bar around the block from her job, she literally ran there, but he was gone.

My mom has sacrificed so much for her children and family and friends. She helps anyone who needs it. She’s been in pain more than half my life, yet she made sure we had everything we needed but went without herself. If anyone deserves their dream to come true it’s her. Please share this everywhere and help a family give their mother her dying wish!”

Well, let’s just say word got around to this rock hero, and he wanted to make sure to give Carol the surprise of a LIFETIME.

While the family was eating at JBJ Soul Kitchen in Toms River, the singer snuck up behind her—and it was INSTANT waterworks!

Facebook/Rosie Skripkunis

As Bon Jovi pulled up a seat, Carol sat awestruck in the presence of the one man she’s waited an eternity to meet.

By the look on her face, you can tell it was everything she wanted and more…

Facebook/Rosie Skripkunis

After she was able to collect herself, they chatted like old friends, and Carol truly felt she was living in a movie.

“Spending over a hour with all of us, letting her hear his new album, and giving her a signed guitar and book,” Rose wrote of the experience on Facebook.

Facebook/Rosie Skripkunis

“He’s a real life angel,” wrote one of Carol’s other daughters.

Watch this cancer fighter’s priceless reaction as she finally comes face-to-face with the man she’s waited almost 40 years to meet!

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