To the McDonald’s Who Broke the Rules When My Autistic Son Asked for a Happy Meal Toy

As a mother, you’d do just about anything to make sure your kids are safe, healthy and, of course, happy. It’s engrained in you from the time they take their first breath, because when your child is happy, your heart is happy.

Bonnie Kandel knows this as well as any mom, especially because her son, Leif, has autism.

As she explains it in this viral Facebook post:

“My son, Leif, has autism. He is a picky eater and has a hard time letting things go when he gets fixated on something.”

So when a number of Leif’s classmates started playing with the newest McDonald’s Happy Meal toy, Bonnie knew that a trip to the golden arches was in their near future.

“After a few weeks we ventured out in search of the much discussed happy meal. We ordered and asked about the coveted Team Titans toys that were displayed on a kiosk.”

To their dismay, the restaurant was all out of the toys—none left. They had moved onto Batman toys, and Leif was devastated.

“I explained more about Leif and why it was so important to him…that he had been talking about these toys nonstop for weeks.”

That’s when one McDonald’s worker went above and beyond to make this sweet little boy’s day. Bonnie continues:

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“The lovely young woman who goes by TQ heard me and understood. She asked the manager if she could dismantle the kiosk and give Leif the toys. It took some convincing—I overheard—because this was not something they were supposed to do. TQ spent the next 15-20 minutes getting those toys for my son. He was overjoyed and has been playing with them for HOURS!”

Photo Credit: Bonnie Kandel

Bonnie is beyond grateful to TQ and the manager who made her son’s entire day. She finished her post, raving about the experience and the employees she had the pleasure of interacting with.

“McDonalds, I hope you know how lucky you are to have such a sweet woman on your staff. Someone who takes special care of their customers, someone who goes well above and beyond.”

This is surely one McDonald’s worker who LOVES to see you smile.❤️ 😊

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