Book Alert: Are You a Holistic Homemaker?

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“The number one question Christian women are asking today is, ‘Where are the older women?’ Singles, wives, and moms want to know God’s plan for them and are looking for help with how to live it out. Here, in one priceless volume, is instruction from the Bible and practical guidance from women who know how to make God’s teachings a daily reality. From time and life management skills, to building better relationships and much more, every chapter points women toward honoring and pleasing God while blessing others.”
Elizabeth George, Jim & Elizabeth George Ministries

“Characterized by distinctive, if not countercultural, ideas for our 21st century world, readers will discover in this new resource a most interesting collection of thoughtful essays on the important subjects of home and hospitality, as well as spiritual and personal health. The contributions found in this volume will be helpful for individuals, groups and churches. This Handbook will be one that many will want to keep on hand.”
David and Lanese Dockery, president and first lady, Union University

“Dr. Dorothy Patterson and Dr. Pat Ennis have performed an invaluable service to the Body of Christ by rescuing the word ‘homemaker’ from liberals who equate the title with ‘doormat.’ As Dr. Patterson so aptly illustrates, the role of a homemaker is as challenging—and certainly more consequential—than that of any CEO in a Fortune 500 company. The timeless truths found in these pages will motivate every woman to pursue with passion her God-given calling and will encourage every husband to honor his wife as a ‘fellow heir of the grace of life.’”
Robert Jeffress, senior pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

“Being a wife and mother are some of the greatest and highest forms of Christian servanthood. In this book, a variety of authors help show, in a very positive way, God’s grand design. Without casting aspersions upon anyone who chooses to work outside the home, these authors also point to the fact that many women are rediscovering powerful fulfillment by discovering anew God’s design for the home. Many women choose to be a part of that group called Christian homemakers. There is no more challenging task. There is no more draining vocation. There is no more important task in all the world. Listen carefully to these wonderful authors and their well thought out of words of advice, counsel and instruction.”
Frank S. Page, president & CEO, Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention

“One of the great scandals of the last several decades has been the popular scorn heaped on the home economy, and particularly the homemaker. All the same, even in 2013 and after fifty years of feminist complaints, half of all economic activity in America still occurs in homes—and the most important half by far. In The Christian Homemaker’s Handbook, Pat Ennis and Dorothy Patterson provide a lively, cogent, and practical guide for women seeking to understand and fulfill their ‘God-assigned priorities.’ The authors correctly affirm that God’s design for the home, as laid out in Genesis, has not changed and that young women will find the fullest meaning and the greatest happiness in their bonds to husbands and children and in their commitments to home-building. The book also properly emphasizes the importance of hospitality, a welcoming spirit and a gracious heart to the vital Christian home.”
Allan C. Carlson, president, The Howard Center for Family, Religion, & Society; founder and international secretary, the World Congress of Families; distinguished visiting professor of history, Hillsdale College

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