Boy with Autism Goes from Team Cheerleader to Homecoming Hero When HE Makes the Play of the Game!

Logan Pickett has autism, but that doesn’t stop him from being a critical part of his high school football program.

He has been the team manager and water boy for Heritage High since he was in 6th grade. AND this spirited multitasker manages the boys’ basketball team and tennis teams as well.

Logan is loved by all and is truly the fire that lights up the sidelines on Friday nights. However, up until now, he had never actually been in a football game.

But that was all about to change. The school had a heartwarming homecoming surprise in store for Logan.

The Heritage head coach had a discussion with the coach of the opposing team, who was more than willing to let Logan take his place on the field on game day. It was the most touching moment for Logan, who had waited his whole life for such a special place in the limelight.

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Coach Slaughter said he had to giggle when he looked at Logan on the sidelines with just 2 minutes left in the game and asked if he was ready to play.

“I just turned to him and saw this big ole mouth piece,” he said. “It made me giggle. I asked if he was ready and he mumbled yes sir with his mouthpiece in.”

Even the opposing team, Cartersville, cheered on the hometown hero.

His mother was overwhelmed with joy over the biggest moment in her son’s sports career. They really made him feel like one of them. He was no different. He wasn’t the autistic kid they let on the field. He was a part of the team. One of the boys….and a player that they would never be the same without.