Boyfriend Proposes to 2 Sisters. They BOTH Said “Yes.” Here’s Why He Won’t Have to Choose.

Every girl dreams of the day her prince charming will pop the question. For most, it’s a much-anticipated surprise, and these days it includes a hidden photographer, a well-planned adventure and often some of the most important people in the world—family.

Nothing could have been more true for newly-engaged couple Will and Ashley. Of course, when Ashley imagined the way her one-day fiance would ask for her hand in marriage, she never imagined that he’d be asking her sister for that commitment as well.

It’s for that very reason that Will’s sneaky proposal has now gone viral.

Will and Ashley met in October of 2010, and started dating shortly after thanks to the help of a mutual friend. But before getting too serious with the Chevy Camaro-driving hunk, Ashley had a few stipulations she expected Will to comply with—one being that she and her sister, Hannah, are a “package deal.”


“I introduced him to my sister, Hannah,” Ashley wrote on The Knot’s How He Asked. “She has Down syndrome and diabetes, and I am very protective of her. Not only are we sisters but we are best friends. We’ve done everything together. I told Will that Hannah and I were a package deal. You had to accept her, love her, and include her in everything because she and I would [be] attached at the hip forever.”

To her surprise, Will didn’t think twice about Ashley and Hannah’s sisterhood being a burden on him or their relationship.

“Will went above and beyond, always including Hannah in our dates. We went to all the Minion movies, parks, theme parks, and we’ve all become best friends over the past 7 years (he even bought US a German Shepherd puppy!). He is the best thing to have ever come into our lives, and I’m so lucky to be calling him my husband soon.”

So it’s no surprise that when it came to proposing to Ashley, Will made it a priority to also make a commitment to Hannah.

During an annual family photo shoot, Will dropped to one knee and asked Hannah to be his “Best Friend Forever.” Then gave her a ring for her left finger.

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How He Asked

“She was so excited,” Ashley said. “I looked at Will and said, ‘I’m probably next, right?’”

How He Asked

Man Proposes To Girlfriend And Her Sister

How *Sweet* is this?!

This southern Indiana man proposed to his GF and her sister. He asked his girl friend Ashley to marry him and her sister Hannah to be his best friend.
Hannah has down syndrome and is best friends (and sisters) with Ashley.
On the wedding day, he plans to exchange vows with Ashley and also make a pact to always protect Hannah.

Posted by Melissa Mahadeo RTV6 on Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Ashley says her parents currently care for Hannah, while she lives just next door and helps when the girls’ parents are working.

But in the future, things could be much different. Ashley has peace knowing that Will is in it for the long haul with her and Hannah.


“I am Hannah’s legal guardian if anything were to ever happen to my parents before they are no longer able to care for her anymore,” Ashley writes. “I incorporate Hannah so much into my life now, that in the future it will not be much different. Will and I have our own separate life as a young soon to be married couple, but Hannah is still a part of our everyday life.”

As for sharing her big day with Hannah, Ashley says, “It doesn’t even cross my mind to think that I’d want it by myself.”

Congratulations to the happy couple, and all the praise for the life-long friendships this trio has made with one another.

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