Bride Does “Sexy” Boudoir Photo Shoot for Groom. The Unexpected Results Are Hysterical.


When it comes to surprising the love of your life on your wedding day, there’s a lot of pressure to set the bar pretty high. It’s pretty typical to exchange a letter before the ceremony and pour your heart out in a way you never have before.

Lately there’s been an ever-growing trend of grooms surprising their brides with puppies…(as if marriage alone wasn’t enough of an added responsibility) and a long-standing tradition for some women is to give their guy a little something to remind him what to look forward to after the celebrations.

Nicole Stein did just that.

She enlisted the help of photographer friends Josh and Kissy, to capture a boudoir shoot for her soon-to-be hubs. Leaving nothing to the imagination, the photographers shared Nicole’s session on Facebook, and it quickly went viral for ALL the right reasons:

“When your friend comes to you and says, ‘I want to make a book to give to my fiancé before we walk down the isle [sic]. I want to do some boudoir shots…. dressed up as a dinosaur!’ You say, ‘WHEN AND WHERE?!’”


As photographers do, Josh and Kissy have been holding onto Nicole’s photos for months, waiting for her fiancé to be the first to see them before sharing their work online.

“I’ve been sitting on this magic for months and I’m so excited I can finally share these with you all. Nicole and I were laughing until we had tears streaming down our face.”


“I never knew how hard it would be to pose a seven foot dinosaur and make it look sexy but Nicole totally nailed it. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever shot, mostly because she couldn’t move around, there was lots of flailing and laughing. She was pretty much doing the worm inside the suit trying to move around on the bed.”


“I had to stop shooting at points because I was crying from laughter and mascara was getting in my eyes.”


The lady behind the lens says she has no doubt Nicole and Chris will live happily ever after—because how could you not have a lifetime full of laughter, kicking off with a gesture like this?!

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“You know a marriage is going to last forever when you start out laughing.”

Marriage can be tough at times, but Nicole’s ‘sexy’ photo shoot is the reminder we ALL needed today to never take life too seriously.

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