Stranger Warns Woman Her Tire is About to Pop Off—Seconds Later, She Knows Something’s Dead Wrong


When it comes to traveling alone, a woman can never be too careful. ABC 13 Action News reports that criminals have been flagging down female drivers to pull off a frightening scam. The first reports surfaced in Las Vegas, but now police are warning female drivers about an alarming crime trend that could be sweeping the nation.

One unsuspecting Las Vegas woman was told her tire was about to pop off by one of these sneaky con artists.

“I was a little bit skeptic, but I didn’t want to have my wheels come off,” she said. Seconds later, “He goes I don’t have the tools. Let’s go,” and off he went with her purse.

“The scammers are successful partly because they catch you off guard, but also some of us are not entirely familiar with what’s under the hood of the car or the warning signs of a true emergency,” says reporter Mahsa Saeidi.

Watch the ABC 13 Action News exclusive below to find out what you need to know so you that you don’t fall victim to the ‘Broken Car’ Scam: 

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