Cancer Survivor’s Tearful Performance of “Amazing Grace” After 8th Round of Chemo Goes Viral


Anyone who’s battled cancer will tell you that there’s one staple thing that has gotten them through their long and grueling chemotherapy sessions.

For some, it’s watching every episode of The Office on repeat because, Michael Scott. For others, it’s knitting or drawing, maybe a favorite drink that doesn’t taste nearly as bad coming up as every other thing chemo causes you to throw up. Whatever it is that gets you through, it’s all part of the battle.

For Jessie, it was the power of song.

The young mother learned she had breast cancer in June while breastfeeding her new baby. Throughout her chemo sessions, Jessie would sing, and wow the nurses with her incredible pipes.

So it seemed only fitting that when she kicked cancer’s butt, she declared it with a song!

After eight rounds of chemotherapy, Jessie was a survivor. She rang the “chemo bell” at her treatment center as a declaration of victory. Then her nurses asked her to sing.

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The bald-headed beauty stands in front of that chemo bell, and sang her heart out to “Amazing Grace”—choking back tears throughout.

There is so much Truth and triumph to the words as she sings them from a “the other side,” just like the song. If ever there were a time where His grace was in fact, so amazing, surely for Jessie it’s now.

This incredible survivor had surgery following her treatments on November 15th. Our prayers are with her and her family for a speedy and cancer-free recovery.

Check out her moving impromptu performance below:

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