Candace Cameron Bure’s Response to Removing “God Bless America” Got a Standing Ovation from “The View” Audience

“God Bless America”

That was the song played before the first game in New York Yankee’s stadium after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

A song that has filled 7th inning stretches for years. A prayer really put to a melody, asking God to guide our great nation. Unfortunately, over the course of the past several years with the state fighting to separate from the church “religious” songs have become a controversy.

The View a TV show known for controversy, decided to tackle the topic of whether or not the song should be a part of baseball. Candace Cameron Bure was quick to point out her obvious stance, but what actually came as a surprise was the audience’s reaction.

Raven Symone mentioned she  was against the song because it offended people who didn’t identify as Christian. Here’s Candace’s response:

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“Why y’all have to take God out of everything. You know—a little tradition, a little patriotism. God blessing America. It’s a pretty good thing, especially in times that we’re having now.”

This is when the crowd showed their support and the show had to pause to wait for the applause.

She continued, “What I don’t understand is, for people that don’t believe in God, is why it’s so offensive. If you don’t even believe and think God’s a fairytale why does it offend you? Go get your peanuts and Krackerjacks while they’re singing the song.” Again her words sent the audience into another round of applause.

The Full House star went on to talk about the countless “advertisements and things on television or banners or posters” that are very offensive to Christians. “We have to tolerate and put up with things,” she said.

The one thing we can all agree on is the world is digressing. Cops are being murdered, cops are murdering people, bombings are becoming so common that we don’t even acknowledge them on social media anymore.

Even the #PrayFor… hashtag has inundated our news feeds so much you don’t even want to go online. But America needs prayer, and like Candace Cameron Bure pointed out, “God blessing America. It’s a pretty good thing, especially in times that we’re having now.”

Here’s the interview: