Candace Cameron Bure Gets Real About Standing Alone on The View: “It’s Hard to Not Have Backup”

As a Christian, it can be challenging to stand for your values in a culture whose belief system stands in direct opposition to the biblical worldview. Per the enemy’s plan of attack, all Jesus followers have probably felt ostracized or alone at some point in their lives.

For anybody who has watched The View for longer than 30 seconds, I’m sure you readily recognized that Candace Cameron Bure is in such a position on the liberal talk show.

The discussion is getting particularly heated as the 2016 Presidential election draws ever closer and clashing political stances arise. As Bure stated, “It’s a bit of a circus.”

However, when questioned about what it’s like being the only conservative on the show, Bure’s reply was quite enlightening.

“I realize sometimes I am the lone conservative or lone Republican sitting at the table some days,” said Bure. “And some days it’s hard to not have backup, but we are all there to share our opinions and I think that’s one thing about me, I don’t get hot-headed.”

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“I don’t take any of it personally,” she added. “I don’t think really any of the women on the panel mean it personally. We all have different opinions that is why we are there.”

“I believe in what I believe, but I love being open and listening to others and it doesn’t matter to me at the end of the day whether we agree or not,” Bure continued. “I believe in healthy conversation, and that’s what I always try to bring to the table. I don’t get overly impassioned or angry with someone who doesn’t agree with me, that’s just my personality.”

Though the comments directed at Bure by her co-hosts and viewers can be offensive and sometimes downright degrading, she’s learned to keep her focus on the only person’s opinion that matters: Jesus.

And that’s exactly what she plans to do amidst the “circus” that is the 2016 presidential race. Though Bure says she’s currently “undecided,” she has a few sound words of wisdom for Christian voters:

“At the end of the day, I think I realize I put my faith in Jesus Christ, not in any one person, and whoever becomes our candidate, our nominee and eventually our President, I will pray for them and support that they make the best decisions for our country that they can.”

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