Car Lands on Teen’s Head in Horrific Accident—Then Mom Hears a Voice Whisper 6 Words


After being ejected from a car and having it land on his head, nobody would have expected Juan Spence to survive — but by the grace of God, this miracle man lives to tell his astounding story.

Juan was sitting on the passenger side of a friend’s car on a spring day in May that was pouring rain.

“My friend is speeding away down the road,” Juan told CBN. “Due to all the rainwater, he loses control of the car. He hits a post, the car starts tumbling down the road and me not having my seatbelt was terrible.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” he continued. “I crashed through the sunroof head-first, landed onto the roadway and the car still tumbling, rests on me and crushes my body and my skull.”

The young man was quickly whisked away to the MCV Hospital in Richmond, Virginia where the medical staff found that his brain swelling was so severe, part of his skull would need to be removed.

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Upon hearing about the horrific accident her son had been in, Juan’s mother, Elizabeth Butler began to pray fervently.

“Not knowing anything, I just had to start praying immediately, ‘Lord God, what is going on now, what’s going on with my son?'” she recalled. “I haven’t heard anything just getting this frightening call, getting all my stuff together and just thinking what is going on, what’s going to be the outcome, and I immediately heard the Holy Spirit say, ‘He shall live and not die.'”

However, dire circumstances seemed to indicate otherwise.

Doctors said that sadly Juan’s survival rate was only five percent, and if he did live, he’d be in a vegetative state.

His parents were absolutely devastated at the news, but as pastors and preachers of the Word, they continued to cling to their faith and trust in God’s healing power.

“We cried, and we held it together, but we continued to speak faith and we did not waver in our faith,” said Juan’s dad, Alex Butler.

Both Alex and Elizabeth felt they heard a strong word from God that their son would survive this tragedy.

Alex whispered this reassurance in Juan’s ear by saying, “Juan this is Dad, you shall live and not die to proclaim the works of the Lord.”

In Alex and Elizabeth’s eyes, God had the final word, not the doctors — and they boldly told the medical staff that with confidence.

Little did they know, while their son was in the ICU in a coma, he was witnessing some serious spiritual warfare.

“There was a demon coming across in the air and coming toward me, but there was also a golden angel in armor with a sword and the angel. He slayed the demon and it vanished,” Juan vividly recalled.

Shortly after, Juan began a miraculous journey of recovery that stuns medical professionals to this day. He soon began breaking the mold by performing all the things they said he would never do again. It began with his toe and finger movements, and he was eventually even able to walk again!

The high school senior admits that it’s been an incredibly arduous uphill battle for him, and at one point he was even crying daily. But day by day, he’s continued to overcome and defy the odds. After 3 brain surgeries, his mind is even functioning well enough for him to make it back to school.

But most importantly, Juan’s experience has strengthened his relationship with God like never before.

“It’s all because God had a plan for me,” said Juan. “Before the accident, I didn’t talk to God at all, even though my parents were pastors. I really didn’t think God was anything because I really thought the Bible was just a book with a bunch of words. I didn’t really think I needed Him, but I need Him now with everything. I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding.”

What’s even more astonishing is how his story has had Kingdom impact on those around him.

“The very doctor that gave us that five percent, he’s now praising the Lord,” said Juan’s dad.

“He said, ‘I believe God had the final say so,'” added his mom.

Elizabeth says that though their faith was put to the ultimate test, they could not waver or doubt.

“I would encourage anyone just to not doubt God because he is faithful to do what he has promised,” she said. “And when His Word goes forth, it shall not return to you void and He said, ‘he shall live and not die’ and that is exactly what he did.”

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