Celine Dion Fights Back Tears as She Speaks Publicly for the 1st Time Since Her Husband’s Death

Last night, Celine Dion struggled to fight back the tears as she spoke publicly for the first time since her husband’s death at Caesars Palace Colosseum in Las Vegas.

Many friends and family members shared beautiful memories and stories of Rene Angelil, who recently lost his 18-year battle with cancer. However, nobody got the crowd choked up quite like Celine.

“Let me start by saying good evening, good friends. René, the love of my life, would be so happy to know we are here together. I feel the love in this room,” shared Dion.

“René never hated anyone. Is it possible someone loves everybody?” she asked the crowd. “I don’t think so. But he never told me a person he disliked. Time was precious to him. He loved life so much, so very much.”

Watch a clip of her emotional tribute here:

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Through tears, Dion closed in saying, “On behalf of my family, thank you again for being here for this beautiful tribute of mon amour, René, I love you, so much. Merci. Good night.”

Through the pain and the loss, it’s still so beautiful to see his life being celebrated by those that loved him most. Many prayers for Celine as she continues to walk through this difficult time.

The full livestream is version is available to watch on Rene’s celebration of life website.

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