“Check on Your People Who Struggled With Addiction. The Pandemic Has Been Gasoline to Some Old Habits.”


“This has been hard.

I know I can’t speak for everyone, but this quarantine has been gasoline to some old habits.

I find myself thinking about one more glass of wine, or maybe I could find some old pain pills in the cupboards.

I mean, I am in pain after all.

I find myself eating one too many helpings and then immediately regretting everything in my body and having a deep desire for it to be out.

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Or what about one cigarette? If there was ever a time I had a good excuse to start back up, now is that time.

I have been through it all, you guys, and admitting this publicly makes my skin crawl.

I don’t enjoy delving into the dark things I keep tucked away.

But why? How could someone that prays and worships and trusts God possibly have problems?

It’s the unknown.
The stress.
The exhaustion.

The swamp of fatigue causes my addiction to stir. Like muscle memory it whispers lies and deceit into my vulnerable soul. I peak into the scarred corners of my soul and tip toe around, just for a second.

Then suddenly, like an avalanche the floor falls in on itself and I’m left with heartache and guilt.

My streak broken.

Please, friends, check on your people. If anyone you love has ever mentioned an addiction, I promise you, now is the time to check on them.

We’re not okay, and honestly, we don’t have the courage to tell you.

We know how much our mistakes hurt you, but we all need a little grace in these uncharted waters.

And for those of us wrestling with an old addiction, we just need to know it’s going to be okay.”

**This post was written by  Lindsey Carson of Love, Faith, and Tons of Grace and it originally appeared on her Facebook page. 

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