WATCH: Chicago Airport Passengers Erupt into Viral Worship Service Singing “Amazing Grace”


Amidst a year filled with uncertainty, sickness, fear, and financial crisis, panic has swept the nation in waves throughout 2020. But the pandemic has also had a positive effect that is quite often overlooked.

When we come to the end of ourselves and our own ability to control circumstances, surrendering to God is the only answer. Many across the world have begun to hit their knees in praise to the only entity that can sustain us: Jesus Christ.

This rightful praise for the King of Kings manifested in a beautiful way last week when a crowd of passengers at Midway Airport burst into worship at the prompting of a spirit-filled man preaching the Gospel.

“All you’ve gotta do is call on the grace of God,” the impromptu preacher at the terminal declared, before leading the group waiting at the Chicago airport gate in a chorus of “Amazing Grace.”

With hands raised high and infectious smiles radiating the joy of the Lord, it was clear that the Holy Spirit filled Concourse B at Midway Airport that day.

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Following the worship session, the man leading the crowd began to lead the mass of people in the salvation prayer, to which many of the passengers emphatically responded–accompanied by “hoops” and “hollers.” God’s great glory and goodness were certainly on display.

The powerful moment was captured on a 3-minute video entitled “This is America” on Instagram. It has since amassed over a half million views, and touched thousands of people in their own personal way.

“I lost my mama two nights ago. My grief is deep along with my pain,” wrote one commenter, @trishelery. “Seeing this brings me some welcome relief & renewal of my own faith in God’s plan for us all. Thank you for sharing this.”

Check out the riveting airport worship video below:


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