Chick-fil-A Customers Go Missing—When the Employees Hunt Them Down, They’re in Tears


There is hardly enough white space to fill all of the amazing things Chick-fil-A has done for humanity over the years. They open on Sundays to help in natural disasters. They feed the homeless. They pray with strangers. They have church IN THEIR BUILDING… and the list only continues.

I mean there is no question why people call this the Lord’s chicken.

And a recent act of kindness from employees at a Chick-fil-A in Griffin, Georgia, only shines the light of Christ brighter than ever before.

Read the viral post that has the internet sobbing all kinds of happy tears along with Lindsay Naramore McGuffey, who shared the heartwarming story on Facebook:

“I’m in tears seeing this photo. Long post, but worth the read.

My grandparents went twice a week to Chick-Fil-A Religiously. Every week. They got to know the staff. The staff got to know them, even down to their order. They would set their table with flowers on special occasions, give them their order and say “it’s on me” some days. They went above and beyond for my sweet grandparents.

But that’s not all. Recently my grandaddy’s health hasn’t been great. He is overcoming a lot, making tons of progress, and is doing much better, but they haven’t been to Chick-Fil-A in months. Over time, the staff became worried and they knew something wasn’t right when they haven’t seen “Bobbie and Richard” in a while. They knew their children/grandchildren worked in the Pike school system, so they contacted teachers they knew here, but they didn’t know their last name, so they couldn’t find them.

They described them as a big family, with lots of land, who all live “together”. After recruiting help, searching churches, and searching the schools, they finally found them!! And look what happened next… a delivery to their house, with their order… down to salad dressings and how many packages of nuts they like on their salads. They drove all the way to “the compound” to see their favorite couple and deliver a meal to them in a time of need.

When my nana sent me this picture, I cried. To me my grandparents are saints- but to see that other people love them just as much is so special. Thank you Griffin Chick-Fil-A for being beyond generous and giving. I am blown away by what I witnessed today.”

Lindsay Naramore McGuffey

“There are angels on this earth. Keep your eyes open for the good through all the bad in this world.”

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