Mom Shares Update on Little Boy Whose Photo Went Viral Due to His Childhood Cancer: Cancer Free and Still Best Buds With His Biggest Supporter—His Sister

Beckett Today: Cancer-Free

Beckett’s battle with childhood cancer may have been exhausting, but the support of his family, and especially his big sister, Aubrey, helped him through the fight with lymphoblastic leukemia that doctors discovered on April 25, 2018. According to Kaitlin, the two siblings and best buds stuck together through it all. Today, Beckett is 6 years old, attending school, and enjoying life with his big sister, who is now 7 years old.

Beckett had his last treatment on August 8, 2021. And the doctors have given him a clean bill of health from his childhood cancer.

Kaitlin explained, “When we heard he’d got the all-clear, it was so exciting. His oncologist came in and said, ‘No more chemo. We’re done. Get rid of everything.’ “

That was good news, but because Beckett had understood chemotherapy to be an important part of him becoming healthy, not getting those treatments anymore was somewhat unnerving for him.

“Beckett was shocked. His face lit up but then he said he didn’t want his port out because he knew it’d kept him alive,” his mom explained.

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And there were some challenges to overcome due to the chemo affects.

With some time, however, Beckett’s nerves lessened, and he was increasingly feeling better and able to participate in the activities that he and his sister had previously enjoyed.

Kaitlin shared to Beckett strong some of the ways he’s become adventurous, such as with trying new foods.

He even met former president George W. Bush. His mom shared, “George W. Bush and the future president,” with a wink following her caption.

And he became SMU’s men’s basketball’s biggest fan, meeting and interacting with the players.

As for Beckett and his sister. We’re confident their tight-knit friendship will remain for a lifetime.

“He is feeling great, he is done with treatment, and is back to school, currently in the first grade,” Kaitlin shared with Bright Side post the clean bill from childhood cancer, explaining how the two siblings have an unbreakable bond that that continues to grow and develop.



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