Chris Pratt Calls Out America With a Message That’s Impossible to Argue: “We Are Not Our Government”

Chris Pratt has been vocal about his faith in the past and often has followed it up with actions, but this is the loudest he’s been—both what he did and what he said.

He recently honored his father by donating $500,000 to the Boys and Girls Club center in his hometown of Lake Stevens, Washington. The center was appropriately named after his father, Dan Pritchett, who was known as “a funny, thick skinned, hard working man who commanded respect for authority.” screen-shot-2016-12-26-at-8-33-39-pm

“Now his memorial teen center will help keep kids out of trouble for many years to come. His legacy will live on. #Godisgood,” wrote Pratt.

Photo: Jeanne Phinney Photography

Pratt not only opened up his checkbook, but he also opened up his mouth about faith, the election and BEING the difference this world needs with a powerful Facebook post:

This has been a difficult year and a half for many of us. The negative coverage of both presidential candidates has left us divided and bitter. The 24 hour news cycle filled our eyes and ears with such incessant negativity and drama. They are telling us who we are, what we are. The result is we’re growing further apart as citizens. And I for one feel the fabric of our society being pulled so tightly apart I worry it may tear. Some say, “We’ve been brought to our knees. We no longer stand, united.”

But he refuses to go along with the tide of negativity and divisiveness:

We are not our government. We are not what those folks on TV say we are. We are our Boys and Girls Clubs, our rotary clubs, our senior centers, our youth sports leagues, made up of volunteers, Americans; altruistic people investing time into our greatest asset, our children. We’re just as strong as our will to give back to the community. We always will be. So get strong. It feels good. Be the instrument God uses to bless your community.

Chris lost his father to multiple sclerosis during the filming of Jurassic World, but as you can see, he is honoring him and Jesus with how he lives.

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