Man Leads Satanic Prayer at City Council—When I Saw Who’s Standing Behind Him @0:37? CHILLS

After petitioning the City Council of Pensacola, Florida, for months, a Satanist finally got his chance to lead one of their meetings with a non-Christian prayer.

48-year-old David Suhor is the co-founder of the West Florida Chapter of the Satanic Temple. He entered the city council meeting in a black hooded robe, prepared to recite the invocation he memorized from YouTube.

But as he attempted to begin, dozens of Christians who were gathered behind him started reciting the “Our Father” out loud to drown out the delivery of Suhor’s invocation.

“If you deviate away from what I feel is proper invocation speech, I will have you removed from the chamber,” said City Council President Charles Bare.

Though they were threatened to be thrown out of the meeting, the crowd stood strong, continuing to pray boldly with crosses and Bibles in hand.

“If somebody is representing Satan and wants to invoke curses, that’s why you have such a representation of people coming based on the Word of God,” said one local pastor.

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Some attendees were escorted out by authorities, but others in the group remained behind to continue whispering prayers during the invocation.

“I saw a community of people come together and take a stand for what was right,” another city resident told WEAR-TV.

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